08 December 2010

Moved to a New Home

Just a little bit farther...
In trying to get all my blogging projects under one roof and therefore keep them all in better shape, future posts will be made at Grayestone Lodge. Sorry for the extra click required.

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

02 July 2010

Sorry for the Delay

So we're already a month in and just now getting to the travel blog. In my defense, I've been a little busy with finishing up a book. A real book with a publisher and editor and deadlines and everything. Finally submitted the last of my pages yesterday so I'm free to blog now. Yeehaw!

Today was also Ian's birthday. I had picked up LEGO cake pans for his cake back when we went to LEGOland in February. Nice thought, but the execution was a little...flawed. For the gory details, watch this:

Kurt finished his last day of work from the coffee table at his parents' house, watching Netherlands v. Brazil and Uruguay v. Ghana in the World Cup. Wireless internet definitely has its advantages!

So long from New Hampshire for now. I'll try to catch you up on the past month as we progress through the last two weeks of our travels. Will have to use photos as memory prompts, though.


Quotes of the Day

Ian (in response to a joke): You can't chew water. It's liquid!

Megan (when given a sibling-gift): Why do I get a present?

06 June 2010

Crazy Weather

I landed in Boston for a publishing course today. The kids are getting a week of being spoiled rotten with their grandparents. On the drive to Boston, we hit sheets of rain. I managed to get all my luggage in to the dorm just before a fourth sheet hit. After dinner, the sun came out for a bit and I saw this:


Quotes of the Day:

Ian: I wish you were already in Boston so I could visit with Grammy and Grampa without you. (Probably because I wouldn't let him have maple candy just before the trip to the store.)

Megan: What do you mean I don't have any minutes left? Are you saying I can't talk to anyone for the whole trip?!? (That's why we have unlimited texts.)

My Dorm Roomie: (to her kids on the phone) Well...Grandma loves Clorox...

04 June 2010

Summer Explosion

Whirlwind post this time. I think the photo says it all. And no, we aren't filling ALL these suitcases for our travels. We just couldn't decide which ones to use, so we spread them out to choose the best ones.

Quotes of the Day:

Ian: We can't have those snacks until we get to the airport? Can we go today then?

Megan:  How many lotions [scented ones from Bath & Body Works] can I bring?

06 May 2010

Gearing Up for Summer

0506100732b.jpgI decided to dust off the travel blog with a bit of trivia. Today is a historic day in this house: Ian is officially the same height as Megan. Discovery of this fact has resulted in celebration and ire--I'm sure you can figure out who feels what. It should be noted that my days of being taller than my children are numbered; they are only 1.5 inches shorter than me now. *sigh*

It also occurred to me that I never blogged about our trip to LEGOland. I have a load of excuses, but will refrain and just refer you to the photo below:
No-Mess Sand Castle